BetterBe On Track

Brand new gamified app available now!

Improves mental health

Connect with your colleagues, become more physically active and improve your mental health all at the same time!

Being more active, eating more healthily and increasing your team’s cohesion can have a huge impact on your team’s mental health. It reduces anxiety, improves mood and reduces stress by boosting endorphins and lowering the body’s stress hormones.

Your mind becomes clearer by getting more oxygen to your brain and stimulating production of neurotransmitters such as Serotonin (a.k.a the Happy-Hormone)!

Improves physical health

Create healthier habits and make small, but sustainable changes to start on your journey towards better health!

Move more, start eating healthier food and tackle our regular challenges to improve your cardiovascular health, improve muscular strength and endurance, help maintain healthy joints and aid weight management.

All without the pressure of high performance and the added benefit of virtually discovering a new country with fantastic places to see!

Helps the environment

Track how you reduce your CO2 footprint using alternative ways of commuting and do your part to save the environment – 1 step at a time!

You can even become an active supporter of an environmental project that not only improves the health of our oceans, but also helps young people find their place in society and have a positive impact on our planet.

Increased motivation to commit to new healthy routine

Are your employees working from home? Do you have offices in multiple jurisdictions?

No problem! No matter where they are in the world, everyone can join a team and contend for the ultimate victory, creating a friendly competition, increased engagement and improved team spirit throughout the whole company!

Better cohesion within a company is a proven way to boost happiness and productivity, so what are you waiting for?

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In the words of our founders…

“Our wish was to create more than just an app; we wanted to create a journey towards a richer, healthier life. The idea was born out of our unshakeable belief in the transformative power of small, everyday habits. We focused on simplicity, fun and the principles of behaviour change, aiming to enrich people’s mental, physical and social wellbeing while encouraging a healthy competitive spirit and sharing our love of travel. We dream of BetterBe on Track not just as a tool, but as an essential ally in building happier, healthier, more connected teams and workplaces.”

And our users

Who is BetterBe?

At BetterBe, we are dedicated to creating solutions that foster happier, healthier, better connected teams. Our programmes are specifically designed to address the unique challenges faced by modern corporate teams, supporting your leaders and employees to encourage them in their wellness journey.

All in one place
One central hub for your teams to access better lifestyle, health, and career path choices.

Invest in your people
Show you’re a company that cares by combining healthier lifestyle guidance, nutrition advice and in-person consulting.

Tangible results
Track and monitor personal progress with blood tests, regular surveys and virtual check-ins.

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