Hi and welcome to our website! This is the first entry in our blog (of hopefully many to come) and we would like to take the opportunity to talk about what we want to do here.

BetterBe is all about helping create a better future by our authentic approach to sustainable healthy eating and wellbeing solutions that are inspirational. 

Sounds good, right? 

Coming from the health and ecology sector (Lukas has been working for over 10 years as a GP and Lisa is a certified nutritional coach and environmental advisor), we were both frustrated with the way the current system seems to be working and inspired by some of the solutions we saw that were already being developed by so many of our fellow inhabitants of this beautiful planet! 

So, we decided to start up BetterBe and do our part. Our approach combines nutrition, wellbeing and sustainability, so that we not only feel better ourselves, but we also help our planet feel better again!

If we are going to sustain our lives, our health, our fitness and our planet in the right way, hadn’t we BetterBe doing something positive about it? 

Not from next week or next year but from right now. 

Eating healthily, getting fit and well, thinking sustainably. If we can re-connect with these simple basics locally and universally, all of us and the world we live in can be better.

If you like our way of thinking, you’ll love what BetterBe can do for your nutrition, wellbeing, peace of mind and planet we all call home.

So, if you know what’s good for you and the planet, why not join us in finding a better way of being?

Our network of healthy and sustainable courses and advice is right here, right now.